Welcome to Chardust, an alternative energy company in Nairobi, Kenya. We've developed innovative techniques to convert discarded charcoal waste into low-cost fuel briquettes.

For each tonne of charcoal briquettes sole, we displace an equivalent amount of regular lumpwood charcoal. At the same time as providing a cheaper and longer-burning energy alternative, this creates jobs, recycles waste and brings the charcoal business into Kenya’s formal economy.

We also manufacture water heaters that use our briquettes, delivering savings of over 70% compared with water heated using electricity.

Check out our sister company, SeedBalls Kenya, which uses some of the same briquetting equipment to produce biochar seedballs for aerial reforestation and pasture regeneration.

And why not visit Cookswell Jikos, manufacturers of charcoal and wood-fuelled stoves, portable convection ovens, BBQs, smokers, space heaters and improved charcoal making kilns.