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Our standard product, the Vendors Waste Briquette.


35 gm pillow shape made from charcoal dust & fines

no binder

3 hr burn

no smoke, sparks or smell

50 kg of briquettes packed in a printed white polypropylene sack


KES 900 per sack incl. VAT

(add 50/- for local delivery

free delivery over 100 bags)

Minimum order 20 bags


Used primarily by camps, lodges, poultry farms and restaurants for water and space heating, as well as larger stoves and ovens.


Our premium retail product, the BBQ Charcoal Briquette.


35 gm. pillow shape

made from premium charcoal waste selected for quality and purity

8% ash

bound with gum arabic

4 kg of briquettes packed in a 2-ply

80 gm printed brown paper sack


KES 200 per bag incl. VAT

Packed in units of 12 bags


Excellent for cooking in all types of stoves and ovens.

Our eye-catching top range briquette, the FireBall!


Spherical briquette made from premium charcoal waste selected for quality and purity

low ash

bound with starch & molasses

4 kg of briquettes packed in a plastic bag inside a white cardboard box with cut-out carry holes and a colour label


300/ per box incl VAT, packed in units of 8 boxes


We also sell FireBalls in a 10 kg paper bag @ 450/ (packed in units of 5 bags)

and a 25 kg polyproylene sack @ 800/

(the 25 kg version is bound with molasses only)


Our most popular BBQ fuel provides a very even, long burning heat.  Also used by many upmarket restaurants for outdoor space heating between tables.

Vendors Waste Charcoal

Premium Charcoal




4-kg-bag Chardust-recycled-charcoal-briquettes-kenya-fireballs--, Fireballs-Kenya--

Electric water heaters are expensive and power-hungry. Kenyan consumers connected to mains power spend over KES 230 ($2.70) to heat 100 litres of water. Camps and tourist lodges using diesel generators can spend significantly more.


At Chardust we've developed a range of water heaters fuelled with our briquettes that dramatically reduce water heating costs to below KES 50 ($0.60) for 100 litres (to 85 C). The heaters are easy to install, simple to operate and smoke-free. They're suitable for both private and commercial applications.


Our heaters can be used as stand-alone units or plumbed into existing water heating and storage systems. No special skills are needed. As a stand-alone unit, simply run an inlet pipe from your cold water storage tank to the heater and connect the outlet pipe straight to your taps or showers. The heater’s vent pipe takes care of any pressure differentials. Alternatively, use the unit as a pre-heater by plumbing the outlet into your existing boiler system. The water entering your boiler will now be pre-heated by the Chardust heater. Just watch your electricity bills shrink!

Water Heaters



20   Gallons/90 Litres       2.5kg                35,200

40   Gallons/90 Litres        5  kg                49,500

50   Gallons/90 Litres        7  kg                61,600

75   Gallons/90 Litres       10 kg                83,200

100 Gallons/90 Litres       13 kg                95,700


Prices include VAT

Add 40% for glass-fibreimsulation & metal cladding


200gm rolls of approx 13 pieces of dohgnut shaped firestarters.  For easy starting of charcoal or wood fires.


A simple recipe of wax and sawdust provides a sure start for any type of fire


Available in cartons of 15 rolls.